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      Are you experiencing concerns with noise, vibration, premature wear or fatal failure?

      EMEC Expertise benefits from a large experience in Failure Mode Analysis for rotating machinery and related equipment like gearbox housing, coupling, bolt, baseplate, joint, bearing, helical gear, bevel gear, pump, key, shaft, hub, paint, brake….

      The typical applications are the following :

      • Wind
      • Conveyor
      • Hoist
      • Crane
      • Mixer
      • Pump
      • Dry cooling tower
      • Wet cooling tower
      • Automotive
      • Cable car
      • Train

      The systematic approach based on several tools like Failure Mode Analysis (FMA) helped a lot of customers to identify the root cause of the failure. Once the root cause is identified, the appropriate countermeasure actions can be defined on a trustful and solid base to avoid repetitive failure. Each root cause identification is an opportunity for product improvement in line with Quality Management System like ISO 9001. The results of each expertise provided by EMEC Expertise are synthetized in a standard technical report.

      Typical FMA can require following techniques :

      • Visual inspection
      • Cross sectional microscopic inspection
      • Hardness measurement
      • Scan Electron Microscopy (SEM)
      • Oil analysis
      • Spectral analysis
      • Measurements (acceleration, temperature, displacement, noise, geometry,…)
      • Fast Fourier Transform (FFT)
      • Chromatography
      • X ray diffraction
      • Analogic calculation
      • Finite Element Analysis (FEA)